You (Abecederian Poem) and Echoes of Silence (Title Poem)

Always running from what you made me become

But I see you in all new faces I encounter

Can’t run, can’t hide; you’re unavoidable

Do you have any idea what you’ve done?

Even after years of recouping,

Fighting for my sanity,

Getting help for years,

Haunting my every thought is still you

Isolating me with reoccurring memories

Just gnawing at my happiness

Keeping my mind cluttered with your filth

Leave me alone.

My mind does not deserve you but

No deep cleansing can get rid of you

Over and over it goes in your head

Playing back your expressions of rage

Quick recovery was only something I could dream of

Ready to become me again, but

Still wrapped in your aura

Till the day that I die

Ultimately, it always comes back to you

Vacant spaces filled by you

When will this end? Will you end?

X-ing you out is all I crave

You stay with me, although never welcomed

Zany of me to think I could get rid of you

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(From the Weeknd // Trilogy)

Echoes constantly reverberate in my head

Of words I should have never been exposed to

Silence continues to surround me

echoes of silence
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